There is always something to do in Rodrigues.

VIsit the island

Rodrigues is not very big. Going around does not take the day. We invite you to visit it by renting a car or a scooter. We discovered the island really by losing ourselves. So at the corner of a small road, you can discover a wild beach, nice people, a restaurant. A real discovery…


This is the most authentic way to visit the island. With trekking and off the beaten track, you will discover a whole other island, wild and intense. Follow the guide who will make you meet the people, reach the summit of Mount Limon where you will have a breathtaking view of the island.


This is the sport to do on the island. With its huge and not very deep lagoon, the island is a real playground for those who like the strong sensation that kitesurfing provides. Besides, competitions and a festival are held there every year. You want to learn or just go kitesurfing, Rodrigues is the place…

Fisherman's boat

Sail with the wind to the different islands around Rodrigues Island. You will be alone on the boat and can have a very nice conversation with the fisherman. You will get off on one of the islands, where the fisherman will prepare your barbecue while you relax and swim in the turquoise lagoon. After lunch, go to the discovery of this island. The adventure continues.

Scuba diving

Whether for a confirmed diver, or for those who just want to admire the seabed with masks and snorkels, the lagoon of the island is just perfect. There are shallow places where the sea is just beautiful and translucent. There are also beautiful dive sites for those who want to go deeper. A great moment of happiness…

Culinary Discovery

In addition to its beautiful landscapes, Rodrigues is famous for its Creole cuisine. Different from that of Mauritius, the Rodriguan cuisine is made of fresh products. They raise their pigs to make good sausages and bacon. They cook a lot of seafood and especially octopus which is a specialty, cooked, raw or dried. The dishes are often picked up with condiments added here and there, candied pepper, honey or even the Rodrigues slime. You will eat a hearty meal because all meals are accompanied by rice or maize. A real treat…

We advise you to eat at the inhabitant or in the restaurants which you will come across during your walk. We recommend restaurants such as Chez Jeannette, Chez Madame Larose, Chez Perle… or to make a beautiful ride in a pirogue and enjoy the good menu prepared by the fisherman.

Enjoy the activities in Rodrigues