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This Hindu festival is a devotion to light … it is the road lit by a row of lamps to guide King Rama on his return to Ayodhya, an ancient city located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. It is also the symbol of the victory of good over evil.
This very popular holiday in our island is an opportunity to offer gifts and cakes with neighbors and relatives and to shoot fireworks. Thus the houses are adorned with all their fires, with lamps and electric garlands.
A long time before this long-awaited day for Mauritians, families prepare themselves by cleaning the house, buying new clothes for the occasion, and making traditional cakes.
Diwali, or Divali, or Deepavali is celebrated in joy and sharing. This is one of the moments where all the Mauritians gather and celebrate the light …


For the ingredients
1 kg sweet potatoes,
4 tablespoons flour,
250 g grated coconut
250 g of white sugar,
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
vegetable oil.
Wash the sweet potatoes and bring to a boil until they are cooked enough to mash. Test by pricking with a fork. Peel the sweet potatoes and purée until a creamy paste is obtained. Let cool. Mix the grated coconut with vanilla essence and sugar. Cover with food film and let stand. Add sweet potato flour until smooth. Use more flour if necessary.
Make 30 individual balls, then flatten them forming circles half a centimeter thick and six centimeters in diameter. Place a little coconut trim in the center of each round. Fold into a semicircular shape and close the edges with a fork. Fry over medium heat until light brown.

Let it cool down and enjoy!

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