The best typical restaurants in Mauritius

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Typical restaurants do not run the streets. As Mauritian, the kitchen is a slew of memories that reminds me of the good old days. My grandparents had recipes to die for. There are fragrances, colours, spices, vegetables and fruits that are totally familiar to me. I remember, still, watching in a corner of the kitchen, my grandmother preparing for us one of her famous smoked porc with lentils and greens. Nothing but the names of the dishes make me want to eat

So we decided to go all through the island to find the typical restaurants, the most famous of the island. We did not want to taste, only, the fabulous food but also see the warmth of our hosts; the legendary hospitality of Mauritians. We found 3 great restaurants that encompass all these essential factors.

Kot Marie Michelle

Marie Michelle is a little woman who is a real lady. She’s joking and laughing. The atmosphere is just perfect. Brigitte, is always by her side…. a real happy soul. It is with passion that Marie Michelle tells you about her cooking. She knows, a lot, about vegetables and local fruits. You will leave the restaurant, knowing everything about everything. The small gajacks (small aperitif bites) make their entries. They are accompanied by a cold infusion of lemongrass, why not

It’s time to sit down and have lunch. Brigitte and Marie Michelle bring along all the dishes. There are no less than 10. It ranges from rice, farata (wheat pancakes), vegetables and lentil broths, and two or three dishes in sauces. The dishes in sauce can be a chicken curry, or a salmis of wild boars, or a stew of ourite (octopus). WHAT CAN WE SAY!!! Marvellous. After the meal, while chatting about everything, time passes by very quickly. It is already 15:30 and the time to go back. Farewells are long. It’s hard to leave our hosts. We promise to come back as soon as possible. Kot Marie Michelle, Chapel Road, Midlands. It is imperative to book. Contact us

Karay Mario

Mahebourg was created by the French, at the very beginning of their arrival on the island. This city (in any case, it has the size) is the beginning of everything and has a special story. Karay Mario is a stop which is not to be missed. Already, the place is atypical, a former dispensary that is over 100 years old. A whole experience which makes, among the typical restaurants, this one is unique. Mario comes to meet you. This young man of several decades (we keep the mystery), has an incredible past. He fell into the kitchen when he was little.

This gentleman has traveled around the world and has an incredible experience. And it is in his island that he wanted to come to settle down. This is how the Karay Mario was born. Besides, the impeccable service, and the contagious smile of the girls, the dishes are a pure delight. The dishes have been simmering for hours, sometimes even marinated since the day before. Well, here we go, There are no words to describe the happiness we have to eat such delicious dishes !!! Come and discover it. Karay Mario, Royal Road, Beau Vallon. To book, contact us.

Escale Créole

Nestled in the heart of Moka, in the center of the island, Escale Creole is as its name suggests, a must stop over if you’re in the area. Marie Christine is an outstanding cook. We do not know who is assisting who. Her mom is also a real cordon bleu. The place is magical, a real little nest in the middle of a beautiful tropical garden. All that makes you feel out of time, back in the old times. The meals are served in small cocottes with small accompaniments. Whether it is the visual or the taste, all our senses are awaken. We come out of this place, quite stunned by so many discoveries. Creole stop, Bois Cheri road, Moka. To book, contact us.

We are proud of our culture and our traditions. We want to share it with the world and make you discover another side of this paradise island. Let’s see it through our cuisine, our music, our population and our mixture. We have so much to show you and you so much to discover. Bon appétit my friends and please do not hesitate to visit our website