Know the island

In addition of being an island of beauty, its population is of a legendary kindness. Always smiling and generous, Rodrigues take life as it comes. There is never a worry. Everything is always great. In addition, the local government has opted for the preservation of nature.

The island and the lagoon

The island is 583 km east of Mauritius. It has an area of ​​109 square kilometers and is 18 kilometers long and 8 wide. It has a lagoon so big that the area is twice that of land.


The island has no cities but villages and hamlets. On Saturdays, it is absolutely necessary to go to Port-Mathurin for its market. Port-Mathurin is the administrative place and also the port where all the large shops, offices and the local government has its headquarters. It is a village that lives from 10:00 to 17:00. Do not expect to see a lot of bars or discos, the island has a pace that is like its people … Quiet and serene.

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