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An invitation to travel and all our good addresses to visit Mauritius: what to do, where to sleep, good restaurants, good plans and small wonders to discover…
Le séga

Sega, a music that comes from the heart

Sega is a music born from the suffering of people who were once uprooted from their ancestral lands. This music, which is also a dance, tells our story. The origin of Sega It is said that a long time ago, our ancestors, the slaves, mostly from Africa and Madagascar, created,

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The best typical restaurants in Mauritius

Typical restaurants do not run the streets. As Mauritian, the kitchen is a slew of memories that reminds me of the good old days. My grandparents had recipes to die for. There are fragrances, colours, spices, vegetables and fruits that are totally familiar to me. I remember, still, watching in

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les épices et les mauriciens

Mauritian cuisine

The Mauritian cuisine is like its people; varied and spicy. We still stay on the road spices. Thus, we customarily put in all our dishes, spices, chilli, condiments that make our dishes succulent and incredible. But it’s more than that. Mauritian cuisine has different origins …. African, European, and Asian.

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Grand Bassin

It is a small lake in an old volcanic crater located in the district of Savanne. The name of Great Basin evokes a fervor by the Hindu population who makes a pilgrimage there every year. There is a temple dedicated to the glory of the god Shiva, the god Hanuman

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The Champ de Mars

Let’s learn a little bit about history. But not just any … .. the one of the Champs de Mars, the racecourse that was built in the English era. The fabulous idea of ​​the English In 1812, after the victory of the English against the French, Colonel Edward Alured Draper,

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