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Imagine the sensation of flying over a turquoise and transparent water defying the laws of gravity. That’s what the Flyboard gives you. Live an unforgettable moment filled with strong emotions. The Flyboard allows you to fly like Ironman and dive like a dolphin.

Technical sheet
Flyboard is a type of nautical jetpack connected to a jet ski that provides water under pressure. The pilot stands on a platform connected by a long flexible hose to the boat, his feet are fixed by a pair of boots in the manner of snowboards. The pressurized water produced by the waterjet jet is routed to jet nozzles and provides a thrust that can climb up to fifteen meters in the air or dive head first into the water.

One person, one session
You will be welcomed and briefed by an instructor for safety and security. He will explain the handling of the flyboard and you will be able to fly alone for about twenty minutes.
Restrictions: from 12 to 80 years old, maximum weight: 140kg

You do not dare to fly alone but you are looking for thrills that can get you the flyboard. You can fly in tandem with the instructor for about ten minutes. A group of 3 to 5 people can also try to fly in tandem.
Restrictions: from 6 to 80 years old, maximum weight: 65 kg

Accompanying person
You have friends who want to accompany you to take pictures and videos, no problem. They can board the safety boat.

Technical training
Sports-Session with training of FLYn’Dive tricks. One person will be briefed about the experience. You will be equipped with a swim vest. At flight area, you will mount the Flyboard and given a training for 5/10 minutes by the Instructor after which you will perform solo for around 60 minutes, with breaks, under the supervision of the same Instructor.
Restrictions: from 12 to 80 years old, maximum weight: 140 kg

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Groupe ou individuel

Group activity, Individual activity

Famille, couple ou adultes

For the whole family