Parachute jump

It is pure adrenaline rush. Enjoy a unique experience of a 10,000-foot parachute jump to land on an island paradise.

For your first jump, prefer the tandem jump. Upon your arrival, the team will introduce your activity by explaining in detail what awaits you. You will be securely attached via a dual harness system to one of the qualified and licensed tandem instructors. After a 10-minute video, you will board a plane at the exit of the aircraft and position the body in free fall. After opening the parachute, you will fly from 5 to 7 minutes to land smoothly.

The duration
The total duration of the skydiving excursion is approximately 1 hour, including ground training, 25 minutes flying at 10,000 feet, free fall and parachute flight.

Additional information

Groupe ou individuel

Individual activity

Famille, couple ou adultes

Reserved for adults