Scuba diving

The Indian Ocean is a paradise for scuba diving insiders. There is something for everyone, initiation to diving, specialisation, wreck dives, deep dives, night dives , diving with sharks or other marine animals…

Diving in Mauritius and Rodrigues, makes part of the most beautiful dives in the world, with 330 kms of coastline surrounded by a coral reef that protects the turquoise lagoons of the island.

The good news is that you can practice diving all year round. The water remains at ideal temperature, varying between 23 and 29 degrees.

Our recommendations for diving


Water Lily and Emily
25m deep
Diving level: 1

King Fish
36 to 60 meters deep
Diving level: 3
Diving start at 36 meters along a drop-off of 30 meters.

Wall Corsair
40 m deep
diving level: 2
Awesome falling.

Stenopus Reef
40 m deep
diving level: 2

Stella Maru
20m to 26m deep
Diving level: 1
A Japanese trawler deliberately sunk.

Moray Reefs
13m deep
Diving level: 1

Silver Star
39 meters deep
diving level: 2
It is a wreck colonised by corals and sheltering a varied marine fauna.

The Aquarium
9m to 20m deep



Tug II
20 meters deep
diving level: 1
It is the wreck of a tugboat 19 meters long.

30m to 40m deep
Diving level: 2

Snake Rampart
25 meters deep
Diving level: 2
It is a reef waving like a snake, 120 m long and 1 m high.

17m to 30m deep
Diving level: 2
It is the most famous diving spot of the island. It is a huge cave where cavities, and crevices are refuges for a rich and varied fauna.



The St Jacques Pass
16m to 32m deep
Diving level: 2
A beautiful pass where we find giant lobsters, rays and sharks.


Do not forget
• Your dive log
• Your diving level accreditation
• A medical certificate if you have any health concerns
• An DAN insurance (that you can buy on the spot)
• Your bath towel

Additional information

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