Let yourself be tempted by this incredible and rare 2-hour excursion, including 40 to 45 minutes aboard a BS1100 submarine, designed to give an incredible view of the fauna and flora of the Indian Ocean at more than 35 meters depth. You will be briefed on safety and you will have more details on the operation of the submarine, as well as the fauna and flora you will probably encounter during this unforgettable trip.

The BS1100 is 7.5m long and has 10 seats. It has been specially designed to offer you a magnificent view of the seabed. Each person has his own window. You are comfortably seated during the dive.
There is a TV screen aboard the submarine that allows you to see the images taken by an outdoor camera

In the BS600 there is room for only 5 people sitting in front of a huge bay that provides a panoramic view of the ocean floor. The pilot can take you to the wreck of Star Hope or any other part of the reef.

An experienced captain will be your guide throughout this epic journey. You will see coral reefs, the wreck of the Star Hope and a 17th century anchor!
At the end of the trip, a signed diploma will be given to you. A refreshing drink will also be offered.

You can also privatise the submarine and create your special event: honeymoon, lunch on board.

Do not forget your camera. It’s a magical moment.

Additional information

Famille, couple ou adultes

For couples, For the whole family

Groupe ou individuel

Group activity