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The Sugar Museum

The Sugar Museum is located in the heart of the former sugar factory of Beau-Plan in the north of Mauritius. The Sugar Museum has become a must for tourists and Mauritians who want to learn much more about the island.

Cane cutting sessions are held at 10:30 am every Wednesday with a former field worker. He still uses ancestral and precise gestures of his old profession.

You will taste a delicious sugar cane juice, then finish with the creation of a cocktail based on freshly squeezed juice, rums and sugar.
The museum offers a tasting of the twelve sugar produced in Mauritius, different rums, but also jams, honeys and other sweets.
You can enjoy an excellent meal at the restaurant Le Fangourin. Its cuisine is from a refinery with local flavors.

The Sugar Adventure Museum is open 7 days a week, from 9am to 5pm.
Duration of the visit (estimate): 1h30 minimum
For a complete and detailed visit: 3h.
Guided tours at no extra charge at 10:30 and 14:30 Monday to Thursday and at 14:30 on Friday (except holidays), for a maximum of 10 people.
Last visit advised at 16h. Closing of the ticket office at 4:15 pm Most of the site is accessible to wheelchair users.

Price includes the visit, a cutting session and lunch.

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