Rodrigues island

Rodrigues Island is the gold nugget of the Indian Ocean, the pearl of the Mascarene Islands. She is so beautiful, that when you go there, you do not want to leave her anymore.

We have a crush on this destination. Discover it through a hike or on a fishing boat, we offer you the opportunity to make a real discovery.


Take hikes to discover a different island, wild and intense, sail with the wind to the different islands around Rodrigues Island, admire the seabed in the lagoon or try our other activities.

There is always something to do in Rodrigues.

Know the island

In addition of being an island of beauty, its population is of a legendary kindness. Always smiling and generous, Rodrigues take life as it comes. There is never a worry.


Let yourself be tempted by a carefree accommodation in a hotel or live like the people of Rodrigues by choosing a guest room.